Simple Video Auto-Tagging

VideoRecon is a cloud video analytics platform for the enterprise that uses cognitive computing to automatically see, listen, and understand video content.

Rapid Video Tagging

VideoRecon analyzes and tags minutes' to weeks' worth of video in a fraction of the time

Trusted Advisor

Provide assistance for enterprise professionals tasked with video tagging and classification

Powerful API

Make sense of your unstructured data by embedding cognitive video analytics in your app

Seamless Integration

Tagging advisor portal, API, or iPad app can tie into your current workflow


Hosted on the Cloud or deployed on-premise, with a focus on security, scalability, and flexibility

Deep Learning

Deep Learning system enables both visual and audio recognitiion

Our Platform

  • See & Recognize

    Automatically identify and tag your video with objects, subjects, events, and settings that are seen

  • Listen & Understand

    Hear audio from your video and tag it with the most important topics and themes extracted from all spoken dialog

  • People & Demographics

    Use facial recognition in order to identify statistical data based on age and gender that can directly impact business strategy

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